Vending Massage Chairs — Income from Relaxation

A vending best massage chair is the only massage chair that will ever give you your money’s worth. Well, unless you think relaxation, stress reduction, better circulation, flexible muscles and less painful joints are worth something–oh, and a sense of well-being. A massage chair will give you all those things, but how many of them will pay for themselves and help your cash flow, huh?

Vending best massage chairs are nothing new. In fact, the first massage chairs were generally found in commercial establishments and, overseas, in bathhouses. They were a far cry from today’s models though, somewhat akin to paying 25 cents to sit on a tuning fork. Current models combine vibration and a modified Shiatsu massage emulating kneading, tapping and rolling for a very relaxing and satisfying experience. Since Shiatsu massage traditionally includes compression and percussion movements that can cause soreness or headaches, those components of the massage are generally not integrated into the workings of a commercial model.

Vending best massage chairs are usually found in commercial establishments like hotels and motels, car washes, shopping malls, beauty salons, casinos, airports and train stations and anywhere busy people have a few moments to wait or need to relax. Commercial massage chairs manufactured by companies like Premier Health Products (Model PHP2015), Popular Massage Chairs (Model PL-868), and Impala (Vending Model) sell for between $1900 and $2700, and multiple orders may be discounted, depending on the dealer. Warranties are rare on commercial massage chairs but may be offered by the dealer, as well.

Vending massage chairs generally accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills and will hold up to 1000 bills in a secure lock-box often outfitted with alarms. Massage sessions can be set by the owner per dollar–most are preset for 3 minutes but can be set for up to 99 minutes, and many have automatic safety shut-off. Some chairs beep or play a message when someone is sitting in the chair but has not paid, and some have messages thanking the customer when the chair shuts off. It’s important to check the dimensions of the chair, particularly the width, and the weight capacity. Most are upholstered in a durable material like Naugahyde and have a boxier look than home-use massage chairs to accommodate the money box and controls. Still, that doesn’t mean they are obtrusive in design or appearance–think Captain Kirk’s Barber Shop.

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