HoMedics Chairs and Recliners – A Class of Their Own

HoMedics best massage chair models are low-cost chairs meant to provide relaxation and rejuvenating comfort more than a full ‘robotic massage’, and in that, they do fine. HoMedics, founded in 1987, is manufacturer of home health products now sold in 60 countries. It began as a producer of back and body massagers. HoMedics massage chairs are light chairs that fit in almost anywhere (ok, maybe not a British tearoom) and have the appearance of a chair outside the pool cabana or a very nice office chair but with electronic and motorized conveniences. Not much would get done if they were in your office, however.

Massage chairs fall into two broad categories: portable or professional chairs used by therapists, masseuses and masseurs, chiropractors and other health professionals; and motorized massage chairs that are most often used at home and provide ‘robotic massage’ mimicking one or both of two massage techniques, Shiatsu or Swedish. The first relies on professional skills, the second relies on motors, rollers, pressure nodules, heat, and can be programmed to imitate the professionals. HoMedics includes ideas from both types of chairs, depending on the model.

HoMedics AntiGravity Recliner, the AG-2100, incorporates a function of professional chairs that allows the recline angle to be greater than 180 degrees. It has ten motors that apply a gentle massaging vibration that relaxes muscles and provides heat in the lower back. Equipped with a programmable control, it features nine custom massage styles.

The HoMedics Shiatsu AntiGravity Recliner, the AG-3001, on the other hand, features a ‘moving Shiatsu massage mechanism’ that travels up and down the back with a kneading action, one of the components of Shiatsu massage–only one. Still, it also incorporates the extended recline angle, has an integrated control panel with three programs, and is covered in microsuede upholstery. HoMedics massage chairs do not pretend to provide a full massage, only a convenient and affordable way to feel relaxed and to put your mind and muscles at ease.

For people who can not or should not have a Shiatsu massage, the HoMedics massage chairs are quite ideal. The Shiatsu massage incorporated into many massage chairs is a deep massage and, as such, can cause soreness and headaches when first done or if done at high intensity or for too long. Users who are frail, like the elderly, are injured, or who suffer from debilitating conditions might do well to use the milder massage functions of a HoMedics massage chair. Their wallets might not mind either.

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