Fujita Zero Gravity Massage Recliner

Fujita is another Japanese company that produces high quality robotic best massage chairs. Their most impressive model is the Fujita KN9003 Zero Gravity massage Recliner. The basic concept behind a “zero gravity” chair is that it puts you in a special reclined position where your knees are elevated above the level of your heart. This position puts the least amount of stress on your back and is most effective for a robotic massage since the weight of your body sits more directly on top of the rollers, which gives you a stronger massage.

Here are some of this Fujita model’s features:

  • Full-body zero gravity massage
  • Head massage with flip down robotic air cusion
  • Foot massage with air cushions and rollers
  • Thai stretching massage for the spine and legs
  • Infrared body scan technology
  • Waist and hip massage with swing motion to improve circulation
  • Heated massage
  • 6 automatic massage programs
  • Intelligent roller system
  • Neck massage at key shiatsu points
  • Full roller coverage down the whole back to the tailbone
  • 46 airbags in total
  • and much more…

The Fujita KN9003 is a powerful chair that can deliver a strong massage to really work out the kinks in your back and release tension by working pressure points in your feet. The chair contains foot rollers, heating, body stretching, and air pressure massage in the feet, calves, hips, arms, shoulders, and head. The air pressure system delivers a tension-relieving head massage that is also good for boosting circulation.

Airbags in the shoulders grip you tightly to the chair in order to simulate the stretching effects of a traditional Thai massage. This helps to relax and open up the chest. More airbags for the hands and arms help to improve circulation to those areas.

The back rollers have an impressive reach, coming all the way down to work your tailbone. And the rollers at the soles of your feet are capable of delivering an intensive acupressure point massage that mimics the hands of a strong therapist.

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