The Panasonic Chair

The EP 30007 is part of the Real Pro Ultra technology platform from Panasonic. Panasonic has a platform called the Real Pro Ultra line which forms the basis of five different high-end models. The EP 30007 has a few differences than it’s predecessors in the series. This Panasonic massage chair is not widely available but it does have some unique and innovative features.
One of the main differences of this massage chair from the rest of the series are the armrests. The armrests have faux wood inlays on their tops. The tops of the armrests open to allow you to get an arm and hand massage.

The EP-30007 best massage chair is also manufactured in Japan. It is a one of the few remaining the models that is still manufactured in Japan. Almost all massage chairs are now being made in China.
The EP 30007 as part of the Real Pro Ultra

series. This series has some innovative features including the 3-D body scan, quad style rollers and the Junetsu massage technique. These are advanced features which are offered in each of the chairs and this series.
The 3-D body scan creates a virtual map of your neck back and shoulders. It can measure the curvature of your spine. It also detects the acupoints in order to direct the shiatsu massages. This information is then fed into the chairs computer and the massage is customized for you.
The quad style rollers are able to deliver a number of interesting movements. These movements are patterned off the movement of a hand. These rollers can reproduce the feeling of the palm, the thumbs and also the heel of the hand.
The quad style rollers are also able to move in three dimensions. This enables them to better follow the exact curvature of your body. The rollers are directed by the information from the 3-D body scan.
The Junetsu massage technique is another one offered in the Real Pro Ultra series. This special technique is known as ultra fine kneading. The ultra fine kneading works in a small circular pattern. It is similar to feeling the twisting of a thumb. This is great for relieving knots.
One of the unique features of the EP 30007 is its shoulder and hip massage. Additional airbags are added into these regions. This provides a soothing and relieving shoulder and hip massage. With the addition of these areas, you can get an effective full body massage treatment.

The Real Pro Ultra massage chairs have a foot reflexology massage. There are adjustable and removable reflexology plates built into the foot wells. This reflexology foot massage stimulates different points on your feet. The result is a feeling of greater energy flow throughout your body.

The EP-30007 also comes with a leg stretch. The lower half of your body can be extended with this stretching feature. Your legs are held in the foot rest while it is raised and successively lowered. This is great to alleviate both the pressure in the lower back, hips and thighs.

The EP30007 is a rare massage to fine. There are limited quantities produced since this is perhaps the last Panasonic massage chair to be made in Japan. You should also check out the warranty coverage as this chair tends to have less coverage than others in the series which are made in China.
The EP-30007 is the top-of-the-line of the Real Pro Ultra series. Many of the massage recliners in this series have virtually the same features with minor differences. You should check out each model to see which features are most beneficial for you. The Panasonic EP 30007 is one of the more therapeutic massage chairs on the market today.

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