Premier Massage Chair Comes in at the Top

The Premier massage chair is part of the entourage for the best massage chairs on the market; some feel it is the best. Premier massage chairs are produced in the orient by Premier Health Products. Looking at most Premier models, one gets the feeling that their designers started with the image of a guy in his den with a TV remote in his hand. The gals won’t mind though, especially when they see Premier chairs in optional colors.

Massage chairs made by Premier offer numerous health benefits. Users gain a sense of relaxation and a release from stress that contributes to mental well-being but is also a precursor to treating more serious problems. Muscle tension is reduced and relaxed yet muscles are stimulated leading to better blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Relaxed muscles relieve pressure on sore joints and spine and increase flexibility allowing for more comfortable and safer movement. And in such a hurried world, Premier chairs remove you from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and make relaxation and rejuvenation part of your everyday life, too.

Every massage chair attempts to mimic the trained hands of massage therapists and most emulate either or both of two massage techniques, the Shiatsu method, a deeper massage sometimes referred to as ‘accupressure’, and the Swedish massage, a gentler technique involving long flowing strokes. Premier presents itself as following the Shiatsu method but draws from both depending on the model.

Premier chair models, like the Premier PHP2022, PHP2023, PHP2026, and the Premier PHP2027–sold exclusively at Relax The Back and top-of-the-line at about $3500–vary in dimensions (an important consideration for larger users), massage intensity, massage range, session programs, and other features including optional leather upholstery, but individual models may offer certain features others do not, regardless of price. The Premier PHP2022 incorporates so-called anti-gravity technology which extends its recline angle to 190 degrees, among other things, but does not include heating elements and vibration like other models. The PHP2027, in addition to most other features, is equipped with air massage. Vibration is standard in the PHP2023 in the footrest where it is not found in other models. And warranties may differ between models, as well. Prices range from a little over $2000 to $3500.

Prospective buyers of Premier massage chairs should be aware that, as with all Shiatsu massage chairs, initial sessions may cause soreness or even headaches since the Shiatsu method involves deep massage including compression and percussion movements. Start out slow and easy, that’s the best advice, and you’ll enjoy the long-term benefits of a Shiatsu massage in a Premier massage chair soon enough.

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